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Vocational Rehabilitation

Training authorizations issued by the Department of Rehabilitation are accepted by TGA Truck Driving School

Quick Guide


Department of Rehabilitation (DOR)

To be eligible for services through VR, a student must meet the following federally mandated guidelines:

  • The student must have a documented physical, mental, emotional or learning disability that has a significant impact on the student’s ability to get or keep a job.

  • The student must require VR services to find, keep and succeed in a job.

Training Authoization

Training Authorizations

Training Authorizations are issued by Department of Rehabilitation case workers to those who have been approved for vocational rehabilitation services. These training authorizations cover the full cost of truck-driver training and a variety of fees associated with the cost of obtaining a commercial drivers license.


If you already have a case worker with the Department of Rehabilitation and would like to move forward with your training plan, connect with a school's admission advisor to begin the pre-screening and enrollment process. 

Criminal Convictions

Crimina Conviction

Criminal convictions do not automatically disqualify you from truck-driver training and seeking employment in this field. All prospective students seeking admission into our institution will undergo a pre-screening process to ensure they have the ability-to-benefit from the training. This process will look at a student's driving record, work history, criminal background, and any travel restrictions that may hinder employment. After an assessment has been provided to the caseworker, the prospective student and case worker can better determine whether truck driving is the right vocation.

Supportive Sevics

Supportive Services

Once approved, the Department of Rehabilitation may offer additional supportive services beyond the scope of training. These supportive services may include the purchase of work clothes and supplies after graduation, on-the-job training funds, and/or career coaching/mentoring. Please ask your individual case worker which supportive services may be available to you.

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