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Invest In Your Future

Learn about the student loan options that have allowed thousands of students begin their career in trucking!

Quick Guide


Student Loan Options

Invest in your future. The average truck-driver earns a median wage of $27.44 per hour in the State of California ( and the industry expects a 15% increase in jobs through 2028. With student loan options, you can leverage your future earnings and fund your education today! Student loans are available to those who qualify (on approved credit).

No Paymets 6 Mnths

No Payments for Six (6) Months

Get trained, get licensed, and get settled into your new career before you start making your student loan payments. Access tuition reimbursement to help you cover the cost of your truck-driver education.


Add a Co-Signer

Applicants can add a qualified co-signer to strengthen their credit application and increase their approval odds. When submitting the initial application, there is no harm to the credit of the borrower or the co-signer.

Little Money Down

Little Money Down

There is no down payment required for tuition. Students are responsible for outside fees related to their commercial drivers license training:

• DMV testing fee of $89.00
• DOT physical & drug screening fee of $105.00

optional add-ons

• Hazardous Material background check fee of $86.50
• TWIC Card background check fee of $105.25

Tuiton Reimbursement

Access Tuition Reimbursement

For those who paid out-of-pocket or obtained a student loan to cover the cost of education may qualify for tuition reimbursement from your next employer. Participating trucking companies will pay new drivers $125.00 - $175.00/per month (in addition to normal pay) to cover the cost of truck-driver education. Employment contracts are not required to access tuition reimbursement.

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