CDL Training in Los Angeles County

Commercial drivers license (CDL) training in Los Angeles County is available at our Montebello, California training facility. Our cdl training programs allow student drivers to graduate with an unrestricted Class A license and their Hazardous Material, Double/Triple, & Tank endorsements!

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Our 10-week CDLPro Truck-Driver Training Program is designed with you, the student driver, in mind. We know truck driving school can be hard, and even harder when you do not have the full support and attention from a knowledgeable cdl instructor. That is why we created a three (3) unit program that takes student drivers from basic knowledge to advance skills within a structured curriculum that truly prepares every driver for the DMV road exam. 

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What does it take to get your class "A" drivers license?

Truck driving school is not easy, and it is meant to be that way. Do not underestimate the seriousness of the training program and the amount of time and effort a student driver needs to devote in order to pass the CDL exam at the DMV.

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