CDL Training in Los Angeles County

Commercial drivers license (CDL) training in Los Angeles County is available at our Montebello, California training facility. Our cdl training programs allow student drivers to graduate with an unrestricted Class A license and their Hazardous Material, Double/Triple, & Tank endorsements!


Our 10-week CDLPro Truck-Driver Training Program is designed with you, the student driver, in mind. We know truck driving school can be hard, and even harder when you do not have the full support and attention from a knowledgeable cdl instructor. That is why we created a two (2) unit program that takes student drivers from basic knowledge to advance skills within a structured curriculum that truly prepares every driver for the DMV road exam. 

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unparalleled cdl training for your career success

do we guarantee the license?


No. As a student-driver, you will ultimately have to take the commercial drivers license (cdl) road exam at the department of motor vehicles (dmv). There is no way to guarantee if you will pass a state administered skills exam. 

In addition to the test, this is a skills-based vocation, and no one is able to guarantee that a student-driver has the aptitude to learn all the required skills and knowledge

What we do guarantee, and what you are investing in, is our cdlpro, complete class "a" program, and it's ability to deliver a professional, well-structured, and comprehensive program that has a great success rate in graduating our students. 

is trucking school hard?

Yes. Truck driving school is not just about driving a semi-truck. Your training program will introduce you to numerous state and federal regulations, external inspections, internal inspections, backing skills, and driving on public roads. Just like any college program, you can fail out of truck driving school, so if you are not serious about this profession, truck driving school will seem very difficult. 

To combat the difficultness of obtaining a commercial drivers license (cdl), our institution provides an organized program to help our students achieve their goals and pass the dmv road exam.

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is financial aid available?

Yes. Truck driving school is expensive. Fuel, instruction time, equipment, and repairs all play a large part in the cost of truck-driver training. Students who are serious, and want to attend a reputable trucking school with modern, industry-like equipment can apply for financial aid to help them cover the cost of trucking school.

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