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Did you know!? U.S. Veterans, and their families, can utilize their military educational benefits to attend our Southern California truck driving school and obtain a Commercial Drivers License (CDL), class "A." Military educational benefits include Post 9/11 GI Bill Educational Benefits and Chapter 35, Vocational Rehabilitation Educational Benefits.

Veterans, or their families, looking to obtain training for commercial vehicles are able to utilize their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits for our CDLMasterTruck-Driver Training Program. Those who qualify for 100% of their educational benefits will have their tuition fully covered. Please note: Fees paid to outside vendors (i.e. DMV), are not covered by the Post 9/11 GI Bill). While attending the CDLMasterTruck-Driver Training Program, Veterans are able to access 3/4 of their Basic Housing Allowance (BHA). To look up the BHA for the 90640 zip code, please visit the Department of Defense website:

Those looking to utilize their Chapter 35, Vocational Rehabilitation, educational benefits should speak with their current case worker, and coordinate with the school's VA Certifying Official. Chapter 35, Vocational Rehabilitation, covers the full cost of a Veteran's truck driving school tuition and fees (including outside fees). Basic Housing Allowance may, or may not be available while attending the CDLMasterTruck-Driver Training Program.

The CDLMasterTruck-Driver Training Program covers the necessary knowledge and skills for the obtainment of a commercial drivers license, class "A", with no restrictions. In addition, student-drivers are able to add their Hazardous Material Endorsement, Double/Triple Endorsement, and their Tanker Endorsement. For those interested in utilizing their military educational benefits, a simple 5 minute application can be completed on our website to begin the onboarding process (click here).

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