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Learn about the career opportunities that are available for new graduates and expereinced drivers

Training with a Purpose

Unlike traditional college courses, vocational training programs, like commercial truck driving, help students prepare for in-demand careers with growing wages and upward job mobility. Our goal is to help you make the most of every opportunity. 

Local Truck-Driver Jobs


Are there local truck driving jobs once you graduate from truck driving school? Yes, but everyone looking to join the trucking industry must be aware of the realistic opportunities available to new drivers, known as entry-level truck-drivers, upon graduation. 


Upon graduation, local driving jobs for entry-level drivers may be limited. Remember, truck drivers who have been driving cross-country for months and years are the ones who often take the local jobs.


If a local company does hire entry-level truck drivers, the jobs usually require more than just driving the commercial vehicle (foodservice distribution, beverage delivery, concrete ready-mix delivery, etc). In addition, these positions will often require drivers to work swing or graveyard hours. These are often great employment opportunities, but often, catch drivers off guard with the additional physical requirements needed to perform the job.

Beyond a truck-drivers first year of driving, local opportunities become more available, and often provide great pay and benefits. Most people join trucking because they hear about the lucrative local opportunities that exist, but often, miss the part that requires drivers to have experience. This is why it is important to formulate a career plan that lets the driver accumulate the appropriate skills and experience in order to become a successful truck-driver. 


Make a Career Plan

This may sound more complicated than it really is. A career plan simply means you become aware of the realistic opportunities that are available to you upon graduation. 

Because our goal is to ensure you are given every opportunity to succeed in your field of study, potential students meet with our admission representatives that provide real-time job market information, realistic employment opportunities, and help you create a plan that gets you into a local driving position. Yes, this means you have to be open to cross-country driving positions upon graduation. 

Sometimes local job placement does happen straight out of trucking school, but we want you to be prepared with the reality that most truck drivers earned their experience driving cross-country and then became local truck drivers.


Meet Performance Food Group (PFG)


Meet one of our local placement partners, Performance Food Group (PFG), providing some of the highest paying commercial driving jobs in the nation. PFG specializes in food distribution to national-chain and family-run restaurants in Southern California, and throughout the nation. 

Throughout the years, PFG has opened up hundreds of local driving positions to entry-level drivers and continues to be a leading placement partner for our institution. 

Learn More About PFG Careers


Meet Swift Transportation


Swift Transportation is the nation's largest transportation company and continues to be a leading provider of entry-level truck driving jobs for thousands of CDL graduates throughout Southern California and the nation!

Swift Transportation offers over-the-road (cross-country) entry-level driving positions for those looking to gain the skills and experience needed to become a local truck-driver.

Swift Transportation offers tuition reimbursement benefits, helping CDL graduates pay back student loans or get reimbursed for paying out-of-pocket.

Learn More About Swift 

More Industry Placement Partners:

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