WorkForce Grant

The WorkForce Grant may be available to Los Angeles County residents who are currently receiving unemployment benefits or currently not working. If approved, grants cover the full cost of commercial driver license (CDL) training tuition.


Los Angeles County residents who are currently not working or receiving unemployment benefits may qualify for a grant to cover the full cost of trucking school. 


Must be ready for employment upon graduation

Must be a Los Angeles County Resident 

Must be not working, or receiving unemployment benefits

If you are currently employed, check out the: WorkForce Loan

If male, must have enrolled in selective services 

Must provide all requested documentation (see list)

Must have a high school diploma or equivalent 

Meet driving record and criminal history requirements

Tuition Coverage 

If approved, the WorkForce Grant will cover the full cost of your cdl training tuition and most of the fees associated with the commercial drivers license (CDL). These are not loans and do not have to be paid back. Applicants should expect a 2-4 week processing time.