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Invest In Your Future


Buy now pay later options allow you to defer the cost of truck driving school and begin your journey into a new career. It's free to apply with no harm to your credit to see if you are approved. Adding a co-signer is optional.

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No payments for six (6) months

Get trained, licensed, and working before your first payment

No payments for six (6) months

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Fixed Rates:

0.00% - 33.07% APR

Defer your student loan payments for up to six (6) months. For students taking professional training or certificate courses.

Add a co-signer to improve approval

Fixed Rates:

0.00% - 33.07% APR

Adding a qualified co-signer can increase your approval odds. For students taking professional training or certificate courses.

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Tuition reimbursement available


$150 - $250

Qualifying employers will help student-graduates with monthly loan payments through tuition reimbursement. No employment contracts!


Enrollment requirements for truck-driver training

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Valid, non-expired, class "C" drivers license. Applicants must have held a class "C" license for a minimum of one year to be accepted 


Submit a driving record from the Department of Motor Vehicles. Driving records will be reviewed and must meet minimum eligibility for entry-level employment to be accepted


Choose One: U.S. Birth Certificate, Valid U.S. Passport book or card, Certificate of Naturalization, Resident Card, and certain Work Permits


Original Social Security card. Cards cannot be laminated or copies. 


Complete and submit all required application(s) and documentation for financial aid

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