/ What To Expect When You Attend Truck Driving School

Truck Driving School is not easy, and it is meant to be that way.

Don't underestimate the seriousness of truck driving school. The commercial drivers license (CDL) written and road test has changed over the years, and today, there is a standardized test each driver must pass in order to obtain a CDL. Don't assume that truck driving school only means learning how to drive a semi-truck. Learning how to double clutch, up-shift, downshift, practice speed control, implement space management, and make proper left/right turns is just a portion of the skills required when learning how to drive a heavy tractor-trailer. Make sure you are ready to be a good student before starting cdl training

Usually, the first step in cdl training is to obtain a commercial learners permit, also known as a CLP. This requires students to pass four (4) written exams. If a student wishes to add endorsements (e.g. hazardous material) there are three (3) additional written exams that must be completed. The information a student needs to know is not overly difficult, but a good amount of studying will be required to successfully complete each exam. Having good study habit will help your cdl training process tremendously. 

Next, student drivers will need to learn the proper external and internal inspections of a commercial motor vehicle (CMV), known as the pre-trip inspections (PTI). Many students designate this portion of the training to be the most difficult, as students must memorize, recite and perform a series of inspections for the examiner for the road exam. The internal inspections of a commercial motor vehicle must be recited and performed with zero (0) errors.