WorkForce Loan

The WorkForce Loan is available to those who meet the requirements for enrollment, job placement and credit history. If approved, student-drivers are able to spread the full cost of their cdl training tuition within a forty-eight (48) month term. Those with poor or no credit history are encouraged to apply. 

See if you're pre-approved

with no harm to your credit


The following standards must to be approved for the WorkForce Loan program.


Must be ready for employment upon graduation

Must submit a credit application

Must provide all requested documentation (see list)

Must meet all enrollment requirements

Must meet all job placement requirements

Must maintain a 80% proficiency rating throughout training

Drivers License address must match current address

Must be able to pass a DOT Physical & Drug Screening

Title IV Federal Funding (FASFA)

Keep in mind, TGA Truck Driving School does not accept Title IV financial assistance, which is the FASFA form you would fill out for a traditional college or technical school. Title IV financial assistance requires a program to be a minimum of 600 hours, grossly inflating the cost of truck-driver training. 

Tuition Reimbursement

TGA Truck Driving School works with employers who offer tuition reimbursement. No contracts are necessary to participate in tuition reimbursement. Tuition reimbursement provides an additional monthly payment/income towards the cost of a truck driving school loan, allowing student graduates to cover monthly loan payments, effectively making training free.