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Job Placement Assistance

Learn about the career opportunities that are available for new graduates and expereinced drivers

Available Positions for Entry-Level

Don't forget to up-grade your resume to reflect Class "A" license and any applicable endorsements that you added to your license. Local positions may be limited to new Class "A" drivers, so be prepared to gain your experience by going over-the-road.

Over-the-Road (Cross-Country) Positions


No experience necessary

Must have solid work history for the past 3 years with no employment gaps.


No experience necessary

Must have solid work history for the past 3 years with no employment gaps.

Local Driving Positions


Meet one of our local placement partners, Performance Food Group (PFG), providing some of the highest paying commercial driving jobs in the nation. PFG specializes in food distribution to national-chain and family-run restaurants in Southern California, and throughout the nation. 

Throughout the years, PFG has opened up hundreds of local driving positions to entry-level drivers and continues to be a leading placement partner for our institution. 

Learn More About PFG Careers

Meet Swift Transportation

Swift Transportation is the nation's largest transportation company and continues to be a leading provider of entry-level truck driving jobs for thousands of CDL graduates throughout Southern California and the nation!

Swift Transportation offers over-the-road (cross-country) entry-level driving positions for those looking to gain the skills and experience needed to become a local truck-driver.

Swift Transportation offers tuition reimbursement benefits, helping CDL graduates pay back student loans or get reimbursed for paying out-of-pocket.

Learn More About Swift 

More Industry Placement Partners:

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